14 Tips For A Great Photo Session

1.  Go to an expert. That means a trained and an experienced photographer who will advise you about your best looks understands how to make you look good.

2.  Do your research. Don’t sign up for your photo session without doing your research. Call up or, even better, visit and consult with the photographers you have found.

3.  Ask questions. Ask about things like makeup, hair, setups, time involved, how many photos you want and how long you usually have to wait between the session and getting the photos.

4.  Ask more questions. Ask to see a sample of the photographer’s work that will be photographing you.

5.  Hire a professional make-up artist. I can’t tell you how many otherwise great photo sessions turned out no so great just because the model’s mom was ‘okay at putting on makeup and doing hair’. There really is an art to makeup and hair for photography and the different lighting situations that occur during a session. If you are lucky, the photographer will sort this out for you, but remember to ask if the cost of the make-up artist is included in the fee or if you have to pay extra. If the photographer isn’t providing one search for one in the same way you searched for your photographer.

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6.  Practice posing. Look through fashion magazines and clothing catalogues and find poses you like. Practice in front of a mirror and then . . .PRACTICE some more!

7.  Pre-plan your session. Talk with the photographer to decide on a number of looks you want to do. Ideally, you should pick at least three and they should demonstrate a wide variety. If you have a special skill, such as ballet, you may even want to consider taking some photos in your ballet outfit. Share and discuss your ideas with the photographer to create a unique session that shows your personality.

8. Prepare your wardrobe. Once you have decided what clothes to wear, make sure they are clean and put to one side for the shoot well in advance. Ideally, you should have decided upon your outfits and have them ready at least 5 days before the shoot.

9. Please practice proper grooming. This should really go without saying. Keep your hair, skin and nails in good condition not just for the session, but in general if you are serious about your career looking your best is mandatory.

10.  Enjoy your photo session! Listen carefully to what the photographer wants. Try not to be nervous but do acknowledge that feeling as normal…even models that have been working for years upon years get nervous.

11.  Listen to the experts. When it comes to selecting your portfolio images please, steer clear of enlisting family and friends to help out. If you have an agent they are usually way too busy to help with this task, that is why you hired a professional photographer. Your photographer has the expertise to help choose strong images to use for your portfolio or comp card.

12.  Less is more. Once you have your photos if is better to choose 5 magical photos than it is to fill your book with 25 images which are just ‘okay’.

13. Buy a professional portfolio. Most models opt for hardcover books with ready attached plastic folders. Sort out your photographs in to the order which best represents you and the type of model you want to be. Try different combinations until you feel satisfied you have found the right one. Put you ‘wow’ images on the right and your great images on the left. Toss your ‘okay’ images in a box to keep as souvenirs.

14.  Stay current. Don’t forget to keep updating your portfolio as you begin to work as a model!

Now is the time to create a new portfolio that shows the true you, gets you noticed by the industry and in a word just says ‘WOW’.

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