9th Annual Friends of Shade Tree Fundraiser

‘Girl’s Night Out’ Huge Success

Marquee Day/Night Club – Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas

“Ladies on a Mission,” could also serve as the name for this fundraiser. The Friends of the Shade Tree had two goals in mind. The first – to raise a ton of money for The Shade Tree and goal number two – have one heck of a good time while taking care of goal number one.
Friends of The Shade Tree co-founder, Karen Sporn explained how ‘Girl’s Night Out’ came to be. “Nine years ago we had our first meeting and we said ‘what can we do to raise money?’ Luncheons are boring so someone said ‘Let’s do a girl’s night out!’ ¬†Their event has been successful ever since.

Executive Director Marlene Richter overwhelmed by donors generosity

Held at the Marquee Day/Night Club, inside The Cosmopolitan Vegas’ newest hotel and casino, the benefit raised just under $200,000. The proceeds will provide shelter for physically abused and homeless women, children and family pets.
“The women and children that we shelter count on all these women from our community to be able to provide for them what they are needing as they get back on their feet,” says Marlene Richter, executive director of The Shade Tree.¬†“If we did not have this support we could not stay open.”
Wearing black bow-ties and pants, four shirtless male models paraded through the crowd allowing guests to inspect the contents of their gift baskets that were filled with luxe designer bags and accessories.

Live Auction Thriller . . .

Auctioneer Christian Kolberg opened the live auction with a Guccisima Boston bag and wallet. The ladies skillfully dueled back and forth focused on beating out their competitors. Several were triumphant defeating all rivals winning their signature bag of choice – a supreme sacrifice, for the cause of course.
Later guests were treated to a live performance by “Fantasy” headliner, Lorena Peril. With the business of raising money behind them the girl’s hit the dance floor to celebrate their success. They partied the night away to a fist-pumping, live performance from “Zowie Bowie” one of Vegas’ most popular duos.
The Shade Tree is the largest and only 24 hour shelter accessible in Southern Nevada. Services are provided free of charge no matter how long the stay.
For more information about The Friends of Shade Tree visit them on the web at: www.friendsoftheshadetree.net. To contact The Shade Tree organization call (702) 385-0072 or visit them on the web at www.theshadetree.org.