Avoiding The ‘Class Picture’ Look

Does anyone really like having their portrait taken? With the exception of movie stars and rich heiresses, most people don’t relish the idea of getting dressed up and posing for the camera. Sitting under the lights, turning this way and that can be downright intimidating.

Nevertheless, the world demands to see our corporate leaders on our web sites, press kits and annual reports. How can you capture relaxed, personal yet professional shots of your management team that exude confidence, warmth and leadership?

Here are a few ways Chezaray Photography does it:

1. Get out of the office. This serves several purposes. First, it removes distractions and interruptions.

Second, it takes you or your leadership team out of the environment that typically evokes stress, always a good thing.

Third, it gives you the opportunity to add interest to your photos turning them from ordinary into extraordinary. Locations can include a city street or a local park, a rooftop, even a football stadium. It all depends on personality, the mood you wish to evoke and, of course, on your schedule.

2. Know who your photographer is going to be and talk to him before the shoot. This can’t be emphasized enough. Let them know what your photographs will be used for and your expectations for them.

What kind of message do you want to send in your photographs? Real-world experience, cutting-edge innovation, technological savvy?

This is information your photographer needs in order to help you realize your objectives for the shoot.

Experienced corporate photographers know how to work with executives, and put them at ease while getting lots of great shots. Advance preparation is essential.  This will help your photographer bring out the best in you and each subject being photographed.

3. Be creative. Ingenuity is important if you want to avoid the ‘class picture’ feel of your executive shots. Even if you are using a photo studio, your photos need not look ordinary. Talk to your photographer about using different backgrounds and lighting techniques, consider shooting black and white.

If your company is in a traditionally conservative business but you want to emphasize vitality, think about business casual dress in lieu of suits and ties. How about a group shot or candid photos taken during a break-out session? One CEO we worked with brought his German Shepherd to the shoot, and the results were marvelous.

The options for capturing exceptional executive photographs are endless. All you have to do is step outside of the traditional notions of executive mug shots.

Get inspired!

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