Executive Clothing Suggestions

Selecting The Right Attire

Makes All The Difference!

Simple, plain attire photographs the best, as it is not distracting. Our aim is to produce a timeless business portrait of you, and the best way to begin is to remember one word . . . SIMPLICITY! All clothing should be plain, simple and coordinated. Based on years of experience, we suggest the following . . .


Because an executive portrait usually has an specific atmosphere and style many people choose to dress conservatively.  For some, this becomes the most important portrait they use in their business promotion. Most portraits from this session will be head and shoulders or three-quarter length and will not show further down than the waist area. In general, we suggest dark clothing so as to keep the focus on the face and eyes, not the clothing.

GENTLEMAN (Formal) – Dark jackets (suit or tuxedo), white or blue shirt and tie. Be sure to carefully shave prior to your appointment, as there is no way to hide a five o’clock shadow in color photography.

LADIES (Formal) – Dark (black, navy, burgundy, dark green, etc.) dress or gown. White lace around the collar is fine. Delicate or no pattern is preferred. Long sleeves or elbow length sleeves are highly encouraged. Classic jewelry is encouraged. Avoid shiny distracting jewelry that may upstage the subject. Undergarments should not be visible (i.e., flesh-colored bra)

MAKEUP – We strongly suggest using a professional makeup artist for the day of your photography session. Our artists use only the finest cosmetics and products, however should you or other family members have sensitive skin or allergies, please inform us so we can communicate your concerns to the artist. The day of your session please, come prepared with a fresh, clean face no makeup at all!  Then you may sit back and relax as our artist displays her expertise.

Should you decide to apply your own makeup here are a few suggestions – eye shadow should be a natural shade, applied lightly with care: The center point of interest in a fine portrait is the eyes. If you wear mascara, apply two coats on both upper and lower lashes. Wear your other makeup as usual. Please have all your makeup with you, in case minor changes are necessary.

YOUNG LADIES – Darker clothing is preferred. Dark velvet photographs beautifully. If child is under the age of four, cream or off white is also acceptable.

YOUNG MEN – Same as gentlemen or a solid dark colored sweater is acceptable. If under four years, a white shirt with or without a tie is appropriate.

GLASSES – If you wear glasses, non-glare lenses work well. If you have regular lenses, be sure to have your optician supply you with empty rims for the day of your appointment, as not only do glasses catch light reflections, they also can distort the face-line in some portraits because of the lenses. Contact lenses are no problem.


If you desire a more casual portrait, these brief suggestions should help . . . You should still wear something dark and solid; no busy patterns. Again, stay within the black, navy, burgundy, and dark green colors. Long sleeves are strongly recommended. For example, dark shirts or sweaters with jeans, photograph well. Also, choose a style that will stand the test of time and look acceptable twenty years down the line. Many people make the mistake of wearing trendy clothing only to regret it when fashions change.


  • Do make sure your clothing is clean and free of wrinkles.
  • Do make sure your clothing fits properly.
  • Do make sure your clothing is comfortable.


  • Don’t wear bright colors like red, yellow or orange.
  • Don’t wear bold stripes, patterns or prints.
  • Don’t wear trendy clothing.
  • Don’t opt for a brand new hairstyle or change hair color.

Remember, your face and eyes should draw the attention in your portrait not your clothing. Remember, you want your executive portrait to reflect the right image.


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