The Chezaray Difference

First and most important is Chezaray desire to create a portrait for you, which carefully helps everyone look their very best while making a sensitive and beautiful expression of your relationships. His careful assistance with clothing, makeup, hair and portrait design will have a dramatic effect on the final impact of your portrait.  Planning is just one of the things that separates the work of Chezaray from that of other portrait photographers.

Second is Chezaray’s professional assistant, business partner and wife, Veronica whose ultimate desire is to deliver great customer service along with spectacular, expressive portraits. There are 21 precise steps in the creation of your family portrait, and every single step is performed to the highest standards and supervised by Veronica.

This process begins with meeting with you where we discuss the design and mood of your portrait, and continues during our consulting.Prior to the photography session we plan the lighting, the location and all the other important factors involved in the creation of a custom on location portrait.

Our clients find this planning time very, very helpful. We love what we do enjoy making the extra effort because in the end, that extra care is reflected in your family portrait.

The final element is what we call the concept of Designer Environmental Portraiture. This means that each of Chezaray’s images is carefully designed to your families individual preferences, needs and desires.

Your portrait is very important, and we want to make it the very finest expression of your family’s love and personality.  No one anywhere invests more  time and effort in the planning and creation of your family portrait as the team of Chezaray Photography.  Each and every image is original and designed just for you and your family.

Most of his clients display their finished portrait proudly in the their home, so careful consideration is given to where and how to best present the portrait with your home decor.

To be honest, the main reason for the unique quality and sensitivity of the portrait is Chezaray himself. His enthusiasm, sincerity, and true desire to create a lasting portrait of you can be found in very few photographic artists today. His blend of creativity and photographic technique give his work a truly distinctive style.