Ace Your Agency Appointment

Here are 15 tips on how to make a good impression during your interview with a modeling agency:

1. Unless you are brand new to business of modeling, make sure to have your portfolio updated with current images and tearsheets and a composite card prepared before contacting agencies.

2. Be familiar with the modeling agency that will give you the interview. Do your due diligence by being prepared. If possible, get some information about its business affiliates – which line of products it is promoting and so on.  That way you can make sure your portfolio photos represent the market you are targeting.

3. The early bird catches the worm. So, don’t just be on time. You should arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early for your appointment. If you are going to an open call you should arrive no later than 1 hour before the end of the call. An open call usually means a long day for the casting agent and can often mean that, by the end of the day, fatigue, impatience and crankiness have set in. Put the odds in your favor by taking advantage of time.

4. This shouldn’t have to be said but, Turn your cell phone OFF! Your appointment is IMPORTANT, don’t blow it by having some silly little ring tone going off when you are trying to impress because it won’t.

5. Ask for feedback about your photographs and portfolio. Your agent can tell you what you can do to improve your book, your appearance and other tips for landing the job.  They want you to succeed because when you get paid, they get paid. Use your time wisely by asking your agent for professional pointers that will get you where you want to be.

6. Prepare yourself for the interview physically. Make sure you are fit, well groomed and know how to move your body for the type of work you are interested in. Take a good look in the mirror or maybe even videotape yourself to see how you carry yourself. It can be a real eye opener.

7. Your attire should be simple and modest to a degree. Don’t show off too much cleavage, no mini skirts, torn jeans, saggy jeans or too trendy. A simple solid color blouse or sweater paired with a nice skirt, dress pants or stylish jeans are appropriate. Now is not the time to make a bold, fashion statement. NO jewelry, NO stilettos!

8. Wear light makeup for daytime, be certain not to overdo it. Hair should be clean and styled naturally. Remember you are not being hired for your fashion sense and really does not care about what you sense of style. The agency needs to see you. Do not distract them with trendy, flashy, ill fitting, or over the top clothing. It’s not about what you are wearing or what’s wearing you. Keep it simple!

9. Exude and project self-confidence. Smile and greet the interviewer first by extending your hand for handshake. Show your personality.

10. Don’t talk too much. The agent is not there to hear your life story. If you have lasted longer than 30 seconds and they haven’t shown you the door, it probably means that they like you or just too polite to kick you out.

11. Take a pen and notepad along to take notes and jot down important information. Be sure to listen, don’t just sit there writing everything down.

12. Be prepared to ask questions that make you sound businesslike and intelligent. One question you don’t want to ask is ‘How much do I get paid?’ This will be discussed at the appropriate time – like when you are hired for the job.

13. If you are unclear about something or don’t understand something, ASK. It’s better to have somebody repeat something than to pretend you get it when you really don’t. Why open the door for a mistake or error when it could have been avoided. Get clarity the first time around.

14. Most agency appointments are short and sweet, so prepare yourself for the interview – mentally and emotionally. During the interview, you need to show you are smart. You have to learn how to ask and answer questions intelligently. Don’t ramble, sit up straight, make eye contact, and speak clearly. Learn how to contain nervousness. If you tremble, stutter, giggle or clam up while being interviewed, consider yourself out.

15. Finally, make sure to send a short thank you note expressing your appreciation for your agents’ time. If you choose to email it might be a good idea to attach a photo or comp card file along with your message (your image file should be in a small pixel dimension to make it easy and quick to open).

Update your portfolio pictures or create a comp card that shows the true you, gets you noticed by the industry!

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