Model Posing Tips cont…

(Part Two)

In the part one, we talked about the different types of model  posing. Whether you are a live show model, promotional model, photographic model, or runway model, all rely on professional model poses to succeed. If you want to appear in print magazines, fashion shows or Hollywood movies or television, you should pay special attention and master modeling poses.


Although sometimes concentration enhances a good photograph, obvious concentration can distract and often ruin a good photograph as well. Do not hold your breath for a modeling pose, always remember to breath and appear at ease.


Bad posture is an excusable flaw in many people,  but for models, bad posture can be a fatal flaw. Always remember to keep your back straight and your shoulders up. Slouching affects the mood of the photograph and enlarges the appearances of your stomach. In addition to your back and shoulders, always remember to flex your stomach muscles. No matter your weight or state of shape, your abdomen will appear more toned if you flex.


Symmetry is officially out in the modeling world. When posing, make sure to differentiate your arms and legs with asymmetrical poses. If you have one arm long and straight by your side, make sure the other arm is bent. The bend will make the modeling pose look more real, less artificial. Continue the asymmetry to your legs. If one leg is locked straight, give the other leg a casual bend. Keep your fingers slightly apart and pointed away from the lens. Let your hands fall naturally into position whenever possible and make sure the bend of your wrist is curved in to your body. With that said you still have to remember, above all just be yourself.


Although the camera is the ultimate focal point of a modeling photo shoot, great models do not look directly into the camera. To enhance the quality of your photo shoot, look away from the camera with a mix of head and eye poses. Looking off to the right or left side, or tiling your neck to either side can help you avoid direct eye contact with the camera. In many cases, your head and neck can remain stationary in your modeling pose—and your eyes can do all the work. Head and eye positions, coupled with personable facial expressions make for great model poses.

Sitting Poses

If you are sitting down during your photo shoot—don’t think it’s okay to slack off. In fact, sitting photo shoots require a lot of extra work. If you are sitting down or reclining, it’s important to put your eight on the back of one thigh, rather than distributing your weight equally on both thighs. If you roll one hip up from the ground or surface, shifting your weight will be simple. This pose results in a slimming effect that you don’t want to miss out on. Also, sitting towards the edge of the stool or chair makes it easier to shift your poses.


To make sure your best assets shine, there are a few basic guidelines to follow. Based on two distinct poses, a forward lean and a backward lean, any model with any breast size can maximize cleavage. When leaning forward, either bring your arms together at your waist, keep your arms straight at the elbows and clasp your hands together below your waist, or simply cross your arms. When leaning backward, raise your arms about your shoulders and head, keep your arms apart, and slouch, yes slouch for the best cleavage results.


If you have a naturally beautiful smile—show your pearly whites with pride, just not every time. If you smile in each modeling pose, modeling agents will notice your lack of versatility, not your smile. To add variety to your modeling poses, try switching up your smile with a cute frown, a bratty bout, a friendly laugh, or even an edgy scowl. Another tip to remember is that you don’t 
always have to smile. You should have a good variety of smiling and serious looks, and sometimes you will want to give a large, open-mouthed laugh. If you are supposed to be happy, look the part! Your facial expressions can make or break your modeling poses. Let your smile show, but make sure to show what else you can do.

Again, be yourself and let your personality show – relax and have a great time. Practice, practice practice and your photos will reflect the effort!