Video – Las Vegas Family Photography: The Horrigans

This session happened on a really beautiful day in the month of  April. The Horrigan family photography session was a lot of fun and as fate would have it everything worked out perfectly. The morning was flawless Рsunny, fluffy clouds in the sky and a pleasant 72 degrees outside.

Just as the session was ending clouds quickly rolled in, and to all of our amazement – there was SNOW! Yes, snow in Vegas in the month of April no less. By this time the children were all buckled into the family mini-van ready to run one of many ‘mommy errands’. But when the snow flurries grew, all three children hopped out of the van to catch giant snow flakes on their tongues.

Those afternoon giggles and squeals reminded me and my wife just what family is all about…

To The Horrigans – Thanks for the memories!