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Whether you need 1 Group Photo or 100+

 Team Members photographed . . .

You are in the right place!

Your Company Team is Growing and Ever-Changing

You have New Hires you just on-boarded and they need individual professional portraits, your Executive Board Members need updated group photos and there are Staff Members you want to showcase in your marketing and social media platforms.

It's important to have photographs that show an outstanding group of people looking successful, professional and ready for business!

Most photographers out there are not comfortable in the business world. Many have primarily worked with wedding and family clients and sadly, they don't understand how to create powerful, impactful corporate photography.

At Chezaray Photography our focus is the business community, small and large.

We Photograph Business Professionals and That's All We Do!

The Angarola Group Real Estate

So, How Do You Find

The Right Photographer??

One who can deliver the personality and message you want to convey while at the same time making sure you look your absolute best?

One Thing That Makes Us Different . . .

If you are looking for a photographer who can easily handle Volume or Individual Team Portraits, Group Portraits, and Team Composite Photography with a strategy for success, look no further. We go above and beyond your expectations.

We work with individuals and companies of all sizes.

You need a solution that will work for you

and your budget.

Your Experience   IN THREE STEPS

Step 1 Consultation

In person or over the phone we are here for you and will always take the time to have a pre-session conversation to answer any questions you may have. 

We also take the time to plan clothing, locations, logistics, and everything else you envision for your session.

Step 2 Photo Session

Whether your company style is formal, casual, or somewhere in between, we will collaborate and create the perfect blend of images that reflect your business style.

This is where the collaboration and pre-planning comes to fruition and the real work and fun begins!

Step 3 Reveal

An in person reveal or showing of all your photographs beautifully displayed on our large in-house screen system or an online gallery will allow you an up-close, viewing experience to see of all your images.

You can confidently select your winning images knowing you look your absolute best.

The Composite


Team members come and go.

We understand the ebb and flow of the corporate arena and how things can change often and quickly. Many times those changes include personnel.

Our Team Composites allow you to adjust for those changes without having to go to the expense, time, and difficulty of re-doing a standard group photo.

Instead of photographing your entire group together at the same time, as in a standard group portrait, we photograph each individual team member separately.

After the session, our highly skilled artist combines each of the individual images into a Composite Group Portrait to create the final image. The beauty of this process is no one will be able to tell you were not all together at the same time!

We will create a Team Photo that evolves and changes

just as your business does, with ease.

Sample Team Composite Image

We Get So Excited About Our Team Composite Session Because Of It's Flexibility!

Opting for a Composite Session means not having to juggle schedules or dealing with the hassle of getting everyone together on the same day to be photographed. 

It also means you won't have to deal with an entire session Do-Over should someone new join or someone old leave the company.

After the first Group Composite Session is photographed, any personnel changes will require a session with your newest team member only, not the entire group. 

We simply remove the old member from the group portrait (if needed) and then incorporate the photograph of your newest team member resulting in an updated, current group image.

It's an easy, time-saving process.

We Love Photographing Individual Corporate Team Members and Business Executives.

We are dedicated to our craft and carefully work with you to create the exact images you want and need for your business profiles and marketing needs. With images that convey the perfect message and look so good, you will be beyond thrilled with the final results - for years to come.

We can bring our studio to you or your team can come to us - whichever is easier for you!

Either way, we are prepared to take outstanding care of you and your team member

while making sure they look their 100% best!

Jason R.

Sh1ft Inc.

Did my homework and in the end selecting a photograph for a professional portrait was an intuitive and very personal decision for me. I wanted to work with someone whom I could trust to capture my professional essence. Chezaray's online portfolio spoke to me the most of any local photographer and he was a pleasure to work with - friendly, easy going, and very precise in his craft. I am extremely happy with the experience and results.

Molly R.

Rosenblum Law Offices

If I could give Chezaray a million stars I would! He is AMAZING and his work is stunning. I hired Chezaray to do headshots for our law firm photos. We had used another photographer earlier in the year and they were good but didn't quite convey the image we wanted. I emailed Chezaray and he was able to take our vision and go above and beyond. He even provided us a detailed list of wardrobe suggestions. 

Chezaray arrived at our location on time and was completely professional. He set up with very little disruption to our business. The photos are AWESOME. Chezaray is now our photographer for life. Business and personal. Oh and the best part? His prices are ridiculously reasonable for his superior product. If you are thinking of getting photos done, call Chezaray now!

Arsen B.

Attorney at Law

As an attorney who has been in business for over a decade I overlooked something so simple and yet so critical - having a PROFESSIONAl photo portrait. Just hours before my appointment with Chezaray my wife insisted, "Are you sure we can't just use my phone? iPhone has a great camera"... Little did we know what a difference a true master of photography such as Chezaray can make. First of all, photography is not just about the equipment. It is also about the fine human talent and skills that goes into making the art of photography. Chezaray was my first and last stop at a photo studio . I was fortunate to have found him! He's a great professional with passion for his craft. Grazie nel cuore, Maestro Chezaray!


Let's talk about what you have in mind for your Team and Group Photography session. 

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