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Looking to Get a Headshot or Update

Your Existing One?

Are You . . .

. . . a Business Executive looking to elevate your image?

. . . a Solopreneur or Creative launching your clever start-up or your lifelong dream business?

. . . an Executive Assistant tasked with finding the right photographer for your boss and you have not clue where to start?

. . . an Industry Professional changing careers or entering a new industry because of changes in the job market?

If you are serious about business, then you know having a professional photograph is one of the most vital elements to success.

So, how do know when you have found the right photographer?

One who can deliver the personality and message you want to convey, while making sure you look your absolute best. 

Whether you are looking for a casual portrait, formal, or somewhere in between, we will help you create the perfect blend of outstanding images that capture what you represent.

One of the things that separates us from other photographers in the area is that we always take the time to have a one-on-one consultation to discover exactly what you want to achieve from your session, at no additional cost.

We create consistent, on-brand photography for solopreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations.

Fresh, dynamic headshots significantly contribute to your visual content and marketing efforts so you can position yourself on a track for success.

Professional Headshot of Women in Red Suite

Your Experience   IN THREE STEPS

Step 1 Consultation

We can chat in person, virtually or over the phone for your Discovery Call.

We are here for you and will always take the time to have a pre-session conversation with you to answer any questions you may have. 

You will discover what to wear, what to bring, how to prepare, and what to expect during your session.

We also take the time to find out exactly what you envision for your session. 

Step 2 Photo Session

This is where the planning comes together and the fun happens!

You will start in hair and makeup and when you are finished, your photo session will begin.

Get ready for us to capture multiple poses, looks and moods.

We will collaborate with you every step of the way to make sure we create images that show the best of YOU and all that you represent.

Step 3 Reveal

A separate day, in-person reveal of all your photographs beautifully displayed on our in-house large screen system is the best way to choose your winning photographs.

You will get an up-close view of all the images from your session allowing you to confidently select each of your final images and any of our other products, knowing you look your absolute best. 

Shannon Yelland Headshot

What Do You Want Your Headshots to Say About You?


confident authority





Luxury Brand




Whatever message you want to convey, whether you are looking for a casual, creative, or formal headshot, we will create the perfect combination of images that show the best of you and exactly what YOU represent. 

No one else will peel back the layers of you and your business to create meaningful, on-brand portraits for you.

 At Chezaray Photography both Veronica and I are here for you and will take the time to make sure your 

visual marketing needs are met with your portraits and have the best experience ever.

Professional Headshots


Your headshot is more than your calling card.

Very often it's the first impression ANYONE has of you and your business. How crucial is this?

It's priceless, so don't fall short!

We make a point of elevating the basic headshot to a more creative, professional experience that will make a first impression like no other.

It's time to create a winning impression that tells your clients you're ready for whatever they are bringing.

Client Partners

The 4 Major Mistakes People Make When Thinking About Having A Professional Photograph Created

You, like so many of our clients, may have a few concerns about having your photograph taken.

We understand most people don't feel comfortable in front of the camera and the very thought of having your photograph taken can be stressful.

You may have even said or thought the following...

‘I Am Not Photogenic'

Everyone, including and especially you, are one-of-a-kind. We know how to capture the genuine essence of the real you.

Here's a little secret - a great photo starts with great lighting. We have the skill and expertise in creating soft, flattering light to make you look better

than amazing...

We've got this!

‘I  Hate Having My Photo Taken'

Breathe! We are pros at making you feel comfortable so those unwelcome jitters and butterflies go away.

We have a full-time creative director who is great at helping you plan and prepare for your session.

We promise to work carefully with you and take the time to make sure you feel at ease and have fun during your photo session.

‘I  Don't Know What To Wear'

We know how important choosing the right clothing can be. Clothing can add or subtract weight and make all the difference in how you look.

First, you will receive one-on-one guidance, suggestions, and tips that will make this step enjoyable and effortless.

Make sure you sign up for our Free Styling Guide below. It's filled with tips and hints of the trade that will make this step even easier!

I  Will Never Look As Good As A Celebrity Or A Model'

You can and you will!

Especially with Chezaray's years of experience in Hollywood and the magazine world.

Chezaray is in great demand and honestly no one has his amazing eye or passion for creating beautiful headshots.

You will love working with him!

The most important part about this portrait is YOU. We will go above and beyond to get to know about you and what you envision for our photographs.

We will use our years of experience to capture the true essence of the VERY BEST that is YOU!

Professional Headshot of Jessica Clymer
Professional Headshot of Delon Lukow
Profesional Headshot of Kendall Amelio
Professional Headshot of Aaron Dalzell

If you are looking for a photographer for professional and classy photos, look no further! Couldn't be happier with the results! He really listens to what you are looking for and makes sure you are happy with your images. Highest recommendation for Chezaray!

Drs. Ryan and Rebecca L.


Chezaray is a true professional. He's amazing at what he does and is passionate about his work. He made me feel very comfortable and he gave his expert opinion on wardrobe. I was able to get my makeup professionally done on site as well. He makes sure everything is perfect. He is a photographic genius!

Shirley J. 

General Sales Manager

I've searched for years for an amazing and affordable photographer to take business headshots for me. I found Chezaray online and he lived up to his reviews! He is honest, professional, very detailed, and passionate about his work. He really takes his time with your photos and they come out amazing. He will be my photographer going forward!

Christina C.

Financial Consultant


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