What To Bring To Your Photo Session

Before your much-anticipated headshot or branding photography session, be sure that you have all the essentials to make it a success.

Have your smile and confidence prepared!

You’ve shopped for the right accessories, raided your closet for that classic blazer and your favorite blouse, and pulled together and coordinated your outfits for your photo session.

Now it’s time to pack those little nagging things you can sometimes forget, that may end up saving the day.

Light dressing robe & slippers

Preparing for photo session - robe

Body lotion for dry skin

Preparing for photo session - lotion

Clear or nude nail polish, clippers, nail file, polish remover

Preparing for photo session - nail polish

Black, white and flesh toned undies (one should be a thong)

Variety of well-fitted bras (black, white, nude, and strapless)


Preparing for photo session - under garments


Preparing for photo session - eye drops

Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss

Emergency items (Tylenol, antacid, tampons, razor, bandages, etc.)

Lip balm or Chapstick

Preparing for photo session - lips

Update your playlist with your favorite, upbeat tracks

Preparing for photo session - playlist

Remember, preparation is key. When you show up with confidence and those all-important essentials, you can focus on having fun while creating amazing memories during your photo session!

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